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Arguments may also be raised against the hypothesis that HPAI H5N1 virus is transmitted by wild birds.
But West Nile virus is trickier; it can attack a wide range of animals--from sparrows to horses to humans.
The virus, on its own, targets tumor cells without us doing anything to it," says Meruelo.
In preparation for a possible pandemic caused by a highly lethal virus such as influenza A (H5N1), making the assumption that the role of aerosols in transmission of this virus will be similar to their role in the transmission of known human influenza viruses would seem rational.
Researchers in her lab are engineering viruses to have specific chemical groups at each end of the virus as well as pick up a coating of semiconductor along its length.
Doctors at the community hospital suspect a virus is loose.
Thus, in many of these instances, the source of virus is unknown.
Yet when Jacobson tested the animals' blood and organs, West Nile virus was evident.