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At a blend ratio of 20%, viscose short cut fibers in combination with pulp offer enough wet strength for the production and the use of flushable wipes.
After use, Lenzing Viscose can even return to nature by biodegradation.
Hall 7, Stand 72E36 Contact Viscose Closures on tel: 01293 or visit www.
828 International will show Royal Elegance, a collection of heat-set polypropylene rugs in classic Persian and French designs enhanced by viscose highlights.
Caption: 2 Feizy: The Villi collection offers animal-inspired patterns with the luxurious sheen of bamboo viscose.
04: Viscose rayon staple fibers having a decitex of less than 5.
CRISIL believes that the PKPN group will maintain its business risk profile on the back of its established position in the viscose filament yarn industry.
Limonta introduced 140 new fabrics, including raffia and viscose, raffia chenilles, cotton boucle, and wool, acrylic and silk blends, with most of the collection protected by Scotchguard.
Using mostly viscose with some wool, Vogue brings a vibrant richness and sheen to modern design.
As a result it says the 3-layer woodpulp spunlace enjoys better absorbance; is more environmental-friendly; offers better touch feeling when wet; costs less cost; and is available at a stable price compare to viscose prices, which are not stable.
5 billion with business units in various sectors including cement, aluminum, fertilizer, Viscose Staple Fiber, textile, petroleum refining, electricity, telecommunication, chemicals and financial service sectors.