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However these correlations fail to predict oil viscosities at wide range of operating conditions such as pressure and temperature.
Special construction available for high viscosities and temperatures
Second, if a calibrated rheometer is not available and the goal is to simply compare the as-measured viscosities from two or more rheometers, one of the rheometers could be used as a "reference", and one could then proceed with the same calculation as presented above.
The axisymmetric and planar elongational viscosities estimated using the entrance loss data in Figs.
36) Rolling ball has even been used to measure viscosities of powder coatings on panels during heating.
Design of the sweep blades lends itself to medium range viscosities.
Products offer broad ranges in viscosities, melt points, volatilities and lubricant properties.
Essentially, two types of silicone materials exist for high voltage insulator application, and their relative viscosities characterize these materials:
11) also measured the viscosities of PS/HCFC and PS/HFC solutions using a commercial slit die rheometer mounted on an intermeshing co-rotating twin screw extruder.
Low viscosities and high flow length of LCPs in conjunction with post-molding properties make these materials exceptionally suitable for injection molding of intricate parts.
With our Varibar products, clinicians achieve consistent viscosities, minimal coating and uniform opacity while eliminating the much of the time required to measure and mix these agents for each procedure.
Polymeric plasticizers with molecular weights of 800 to 8000 and viscosities from 1200 to 160,000 cps can impart low-temperature flexibility and resistance to extraction by water, oil and solvents.