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It "teems viscously across the surfaces of the world"--of this world--as the "soul scrambles across the scree" of that one.
Recall that Ludwig Prandtl's boundary layer consists of viscously retarded fluid flow near and in contact with a solid surface, that is a source of aircraft frictional drag.
It's one of the many incidents reported in Mumbai -- following the gang rape of a photojournalist on August 24 -- wherein a woman has been viscously harmed.
Craters on icy satellites tend to get shallower over time as the ice flows viscously, so it's possible that some of the shallow craters on Titan are simply much older or experienced a higher heat flow than the similarly sized, fresh craters on Ganymede studied in this work.
Unlike a common elastomer, PDMDPS is a rubbery polymer in the viscously liquid state, so it cannot exist in regular shape like a spherical particle.
The colloid material and the resin are equipped with an adhesion property to viscously grip the substances bonded onto the working surface.