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To get a deeper insight into the link of the water column response and the wind-forcing, we assimilated the reservoir to a harmonic, viscously damped wind-forced oscillator.
The gallery also displayed four viscously rendered cheeseburger paintings (all 2012), two abstractly articulated plates of Chinese food (both 1994), and a miscellany of paintings spanning Robinson's career portraying frontal views of whiskey bottles, cigarettes, pastries, and painkillers.
After viscously knocking down Hammond three times within the first 1:39 seconds, referee Brian Slutts stopped the fight which was scheduled for 10 rounds.
This assessment is supported by the fact that for the four White researchers mentioned above, the activity of the Kongo initiatory schools were centered on dances and obscenities, or at least included them viscously (van Wing 1938: 197; Janzen 1982: 118, 134; Bittremieux 1948: 98, 207), while to Kongo researcher Fukiau (1969: 146), the Kongo initiates of the Lemba (the Kongo civil initiatory academy) said that what they were taught in the forest is similar to the teaching of the Christian church.
It "teems viscously across the surfaces ofthe world"--of this world--as the "soul scrambles acrossthe scree" of that one.
In these equations, [J.sub.r] is the inertia of the rotor, [T.sub.r] is the torque acting on the low speed shaft, [[omega].sub.r] is the turbine's rotor speed, [K.sub.dt] is the spring stiffness coefficient of a massless viscously damped rotational spring, [B.sub.dt] is viscous damping parameter, [N.sub.g] is the gear ratio, [J.sub.g] is the inertia of the gearbox, high speed shaft, and generator, [T.sub.g] is the generator torque, and [[omega].sub.g] is the rotational speed of the generator's rotor.
Craters on icy satellites tend to get shallower over time as the ice flows viscously, so it's possible that some of the shallow craters on Titan are simply much older or experienced a higher heat flow than the similarly sized, fresh craters on Ganymede studied in this work.
Unlike a common elastomer, PDMDPS is a rubbery polymer in the viscously liquid state, so it cannot exist in regular shape like a spherical particle.
Viscously coupled inertial damping of stepping motor // Proceedings IEE, 1975.--Vol.
The colloid material and the resin are equipped with an adhesion property to viscously grip the substances bonded onto the working surface.
"[The government] will viscously enforce further restrictions on opposition groups and the media, even more than what took place in the parliamentary elections," Al-Naggar said.