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Finally, I occasionally Use a small hand vise that I believe I got from Brownells years ago.
The insert style is sculpted to occupy the interior of the upper, pins into place through the receiver pinholes, and then is set and secured into a vise.
Showgoers will test the product in a "quick-change challenge" that pits four participants at a time in a race to see who can take the vise through five different changeovers, and prizes are to be awarded.
In this case, for this size shoe, my bench vise served as a nice form as shown above.
Follow that up Saturday, when Vise whipped around the uneven bars in a shimmering silver outfit and stuck her landing, putting her in first place, another overwhelming ovation circled the building, along with small children's voices chanting ``U-S-A'' from the rafters.
In fact, Kurt says these are the most compact, high-density vise tower available.
A special latch is hinged to allow vise mounting or bench mounting.
L'idee de la tente vise a creer une equipe forte de femmes de la societe civile ouverte aux 50.
David Vise - Pulitzer Prize-winning correspondent for the Washington Post - has caused a storm of controversy by buying 20,000 copies of his own book, 'The Bureau and the Mole', about CIA agent-turned-Russian informer Robert Hanssen.
Rising up to her waist, they are a squeezing vise of memories, of happy and unhappy experiences, of all the steps she has taken onstage.
For this reason, we must tip our cap to Coll and Vise, two Washington Post reporters who have done a remarkable job of piercing the SEC's veil to put together this account of the agency during the tenure of chief John Shad-in effect a study of the agency during the Reagan era.
I have been using a gun vise for many years to hold a firearm when working on it, such as mounting scopes or cleaning the gun, and have found it an indispensable part of my work shop.