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A fault, flaw, defect, or imperfection. Immoral conduct, practice, or habit.

In Civil Law, redhibitory vices are defects or flaws in the subject matter of a sale that entitle the buyer to return the item and recover the purchase price.A vice crime is any type of immoral and illegal activity, such as prostitution, the sale of Drugs and Narcotics, and gambling.


noun atrocity, bad habit, blemish, corruption, defect, deficiency, degeneracy, delinquency, depravity, dereliction, dissipation, dissoluteness, evil, excess, failing, failure, fault, flaw, foible, fraility, immoral habit, immorality, imperfection, impurity, inadequacy, indecency, indulgence, infamy, infirmity, iniquity, lack, lewdness, libertinism, licentiousness, looseness, mar, maleficence, malignance, misconduct, misdeed, obliquity, outrage, perversion, profligacy, shortcoming, sin, sinfulness, transgression, turpitude, unchastity, vileness, wantonness, weak point, weakness, wickedness, wrong, wrongdoing
See also: bad repute, flaw, foible, guilt, mens rea, mischief, misdoing, sodomy, wrong

VICE. A term used in the civil law and in Louisiana, by which is meant a defect in a thing; an imperfection. For example, epilepsy in a slave, roaring and crib-biting in a horse, are vices. Redhibitory vices are those for which the seller will be compelled to annul a sale, and take back the thing sold. Poth. Vente, 203; Civ. Code of Lo. art. 2498 to 2507; 1 Duv. n. 396.

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