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A fault, flaw, defect, or imperfection. Immoral conduct, practice, or habit.

In Civil Law, redhibitory vices are defects or flaws in the subject matter of a sale that entitle the buyer to return the item and recover the purchase price.A vice crime is any type of immoral and illegal activity, such as prostitution, the sale of Drugs and Narcotics, and gambling.


noun atrocity, bad habit, blemish, corruption, defect, deficiency, degeneracy, delinquency, depravity, dereliction, dissipation, dissoluteness, evil, excess, failing, failure, fault, flaw, foible, fraility, immoral habit, immorality, imperfection, impurity, inadequacy, indecency, indulgence, infamy, infirmity, iniquity, lack, lewdness, libertinism, licentiousness, looseness, mar, maleficence, malignance, misconduct, misdeed, obliquity, outrage, perversion, profligacy, shortcoming, sin, sinfulness, transgression, turpitude, unchastity, vileness, wantonness, weak point, weakness, wickedness, wrong, wrongdoing
See also: bad repute, flaw, foible, guilt, mens rea, mischief, misdoing, sodomy, wrong

VICE. A term used in the civil law and in Louisiana, by which is meant a defect in a thing; an imperfection. For example, epilepsy in a slave, roaring and crib-biting in a horse, are vices. Redhibitory vices are those for which the seller will be compelled to annul a sale, and take back the thing sold. Poth. Vente, 203; Civ. Code of Lo. art. 2498 to 2507; 1 Duv. n. 396.

References in classic literature ?
The two men came against each other in grips, and almost before he had exerted himself the Irishman found himself in the merciless vise of a half-Nelson that buried him head and shoulders in the snow.
A dull, stunned feeling took hold like a vise on my head and on my heart.
The Irishman grunted again and made a frantic struggle to twist his body around, but the wedging bodies on either side held him in a vise.
He stood with the two ladies, seizing both by their hands, persuading them, and giving them reasons with astonishing plainness of speech, and at almost every word he uttered, probably to emphasise his arguments, he squeezed their hands painfully as in a vise.
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