visible effect

See: impression
References in classic literature ?
Rubbing from left to right had no visible effect whatever.
'He's out of his senses for the time, it's my belief,' said Hugh, after shaking him, without any visible effect upon his system, until his keys rattled in his pocket.
She produced a visible effect among the idlers on the beach.
Many an ugly scowl was cast upon the tall European by swarthy, dark-eyed sons of the desert, but neither smiles nor scowls produced any outwardly visible effect upon him.
As they produced no visible effect on the object against whom they were discharged, however, he resorted to more tangible arguments.
As it was, however, it had no visible effect on him whatever.
What he desired was the visible effect of action; so, instead of slinking away, he lay close in the grass and wormed nearer to the house.
Meantime the chief mate, with an almost visible effect of collaboration on the part of his round eyes and frightful whiskers, was trying to evolve a theory of the anchored ship.
In its publication Countdown To Brexit: What Might Have Been For The UK Economy, S&P said: "The most visible effect has been the depreciation of the British pound, which triggered an increase in inflation.
Sceptics will inevitably suggest that the latest economic package for Balochistan, however well-meaning, will in practice amount to a giveaway to a province where hundreds of billions of rupees have been poured in over the last decade to little visible effect. Still, given the persistently abysmal socioeconomic indicators across Balochistan, targeted economic and social interventions must continue to be applied.
"Invisible sound waves can have a very visible effect on the physical world and nowhere is this more spectacularly demonstrated than with the new Rock Music Milkshake Mixer.

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