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The interviews were conducted with various key people such as C-level (60%), director level (25%), and other executives (15%) operating in the global visible light communication and free space optics market.
The cost of the first Visible Light Communication (VLC) based devices will be starting from the lower range of $500, according to Dr.
Considering the cost of energy used for lighting and HVAC operation due to conventional films inability to transmit sufficient visible light, the payback for conventional film and spectrally selective film becomes comparable.
This visible light persisted for about two weeks, and then something even more interesting turned up at the same spot in the sky: scientists found a faint galaxy.
The authors estimate that globally, around $100 million is invested in the research of Visible Light Communication technology and even major companies are conducting trials on VLC for incorporating in future products.
In view of these developments, United States Visible Light Communication market is forecast to witness significant growth over the next five years.
The main objective of the research was to introduce a new generation of photocatalysts sensitive to visible light and to develop methods to increase the performance of photocatalysts in the purification of dye wastewater.
This award from Lux Magazine affirms our achievements and advancement of our intelligent driver platform to deliver luminaire intelligence - such as communication through visible light technology - in addition to high-quality, controllable lighting.
Although cloaks designed to shield objects from both Terahertz and Near Infrared waves have already been designed, a flexible material designed to cloak objects from visible light poses a greater challenge because of visible light's smaller wavelength and the need to make the metamaterial's constituent part - meta-atoms - small enough to interact with visible light.
The wavelengths of microwaves are shorter than those of radio waves but longer than those of visible light.
Because of the greater challenges of rerouting visible light, however, Pendry cautions that shells for that portion of the electromagnetic spectrum are unlikely any sooner than 5 years from now.
D) block out visible light waves with long wavelengths.

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