visible token

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But all the cups and saucers being clean, and in their proper places in the corner-cupboard; and the brass toasting-fork hanging in its usual nook and spreading its four idle fingers out as if it wanted to be measured for a glove; there remained no other visible tokens of the meal just finished, than such as purred and washed their whiskers in the person of the basking cat, and glistened in the gracious, not to say the greasy, faces of her patrons.
These creations are a visible token of happiness, to be passed on from generation to generation as testimony to the happy moments when they were received as gifts.
In the meantime, our rigorous R&D is a visible token of our vision, goals and commitment in the long term, he adds.
you ought to take this for a plain and visible token that you are not to be a seafaring man." Daniel Defoe, Robinson Crusoe>
Little men require some visible token always at hand to show to the world that they have lived.
The Byzantines possessed a visible token of her protection in a picture or icon that was popularly believed to have been painted from the life by no less a person than St Luke the Evangelist.
As a visible token of its gratitude, the club now offers a $14 gift item: "Imagine the envious faces of your friends when you hold The Ratzinger Fan Club Coffee Mug," which sports the slogan "Putting the smackdown on heresy since 1981."
The flowers were visible tokens of their caring and kindness that the whole school could enjoy.
They have appointed highly visible tokens (and a handful of genuine power players such as Colin Powell) while pursuing domestic policies largely congenial to the Strom Thurmonds and the Trent Lotts.
The bright pink lapel buttons which state in black lettering `First Contact -- Talk To Me' and the `Safer Space' stickers fixed to the walls of offices dotted around campus are visible tokens of the tragedies that befell the university two years ago.
has so moved the city as the death of our son," as well as by the, "substantial & visible tokens of sympathy from our numerous friends and neighbors." In spite of the support of the community, Pearson still lamented, "Oh what a gap we do find in our little family.