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But the visionary shapes of a long posterity, for whose home this mansion was intended, have faded into nothingness since the death of the founder's only son.
My host, however, had in some degree resumed the calmness of his demeanor, and questioned me very rigorously in respect to the conformation of the visionary creature.
She was no longer the milkmaid, but a visionary essence of woman--a whole sex condensed into one typical form.
When papa explained the real nature of the expedition, my heart sank, for I know so well how visionary and impractical the poor dear has always been that I feared that he had again been duped; especially when he told me he had paid a thousand dollars for the letter and map.
The longer she lived, the more experience and observation she had of life, the greater was her wonder at the short-sightedness of men who seek enjoyment and happiness here on earth: toiling, suffering, struggling, and harming one another, to obtain that impossible, visionary, sinful happiness.
Helen would begin, gazing as if she saw a visionary cascade, "I've a good mind to go with you myself, Willoughby--only I can't.
One of my pieces, which fell so far short of my visionary performances as to treat of the lowly and familiar theme of Spring, was the first thing I ever had in print.
Her noble head is here engraved after Kneller, like the head of a magnificent visionary man.
He has felt it already, indeed: but he shall ACKNOWLEDGE it too; and what visionary hopes he may have, he must keep to himself, and only amuse me with the result of them--for a time.
Refreshed for the moment, she spoke again--spoke to the visionary servant of her delirious fancy, while she rested in Emily's arms.
In my dreams of Mary--and I dreamed of her constantly--the lake and its woody banks formed a frequent background in the visionary picture of my lost companion.
She once or twice mentioned this visionary man by his name.