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The Visionary management team, led by famed automotive entrepreneur Malcom Bricklin, has proven expertise in all aspects of the motor vehicle industry.
Ironshore s acquisition of Visionary complements our existing global distribution platform and further expands our foundation for growth opportunities in selected specialty sectors within the Asian and African markets, stated Mark Wheeler, Chief Executive Officer of Ironshore International.
The Regional Institute for Gender, Diversity, Peace and Rights (RIG/DPR) held a three days preparation workshop for a short course training programme on "African Visionary Leadership (AVL)" between 25th-27th of March, 2011.
The nomination process for the prestigious 2011 Visionary Award is now open to the global nonwovens and consumer products industries.
The new SOG Visionary Folders feature the same blade design of the Spar Elite Series, with the handle of an X-Ray Vision.
Tactical and Stylish" is the theme behind the Visionary folders.
Visionary Vehicles is working on a low-cost hybrid car that would be built in China, according to company CEO Malcolm Bricklin.
But it is only a singing crystal you hear, or your mind tuning to a singing crystal--as fit a metaphor as you need for the visionary potential of crystal solids such as LSD.
Urstadt was speaking before a gathering of public and private industry leaders at the University Club, where he received the First Annual Award for Visionary Leadership in Real Estate given by the Steven L.
The Visionary Moment engages us in a similar rethinking of key literary and cultural issues (representation, visionarism, subjectivity, truth) within a sophisticated theoretical and analytical framework.
A second-degree visionary orders fertilizer and a basket to collect acorns.