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Perceiving the people will suffer the more, Aiyejina (Solanke 2005) advocates that they close rank and if possible, refuse going the wrong direction if and when led by visionless and inept leadership.
The process of inclusion (samabesikarana) in national politics has already been dominated by easy going superficiality of visionless political thugs.
The success of Cardiff as a business and retail centredepends on this clearly incompetent and visionless administration being able to bring together the required finance and demonstrate effective management of the complicated issues it faces.
But in the months that followed I became really depressed and visionless, which really frightened me.
Like Howland, Knox was an exceptional coach, but Knox's visionless obstinacy would be his downfall, as the then Rams' owner, Carroll Rosenbloom, finally fired Knox after five playoff seasons in which the Rams never made it to the big game.
Writing writing an island a land where beings once were where beings were without being speechless lifeless visionless voiceless beneath the heavy cloak of silence clear felled by the single way of thinking (9)
And if Wales decides that it is time to implement policies made in Wales for the people of Wales, then Plaid Cymru is more than willing and able to take over from the tired and visionless government of New Labour.
If Africa is to be deprived of the values of democracy, it is because of a leadership that is cruel, corrupt, visionless and violent.
Without a plan of this sort, there will be an increasingly visionless future and many people will perish.
Such compromises with "cynical realism" made Democrats look "spineless, gutless, and visionless.
Dear Editor, - I am sickened and disgusted by the small-minded, visionless councillors Birmingham has.
Wake up all you squabbling councillors and visionless jobsworth people.