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For the 1999-2000, 2001-2002, and 2003-2004 surveys, participants also were asked questions regarding vision function, and the physical examination included a vision examination in which visual acuity was measured before and after an objective autorefraction test (optical correction measured by all autorefractor).
Results from this project showed subnormal visual acuity as high as 15% among kindergarten children, and it increased with increasing grades.
Wall found that children with abnormal photo-refraction results were much more likely than those with abnormal visual acuity results to be referred by the pediatrician for further evaluation--85.8% vs.
All participants were pretested for at least 0.8 visual acuity (with corrective lenses if needed).
Patients not eligible for the study were those who were unable to give informed consent, who had received prior laser treatment or anticoagulant treatment, or who had an ophthalmic disorder that may have affected visual acuity.
An improvement of + 23 letters is equivalent to reading an additional four lines of letters on the ETDRS eye chart, the standardized eye chart used to measure visual acuity in clinical trials.
Visual acuity assessment with Snellen chart and then conversion to Log Mar values.
Final visual acuity assessment was done at 40 days post operatively.
In the latest observations of the first Phase 2 cohort, at two months follow up for one subject, and at 18 days for the other two, all three subjects have reported improved vision, with standardized eye chart testing showing objective improvement in visual acuity compared with their pre treatment baseline vision and compared with the patients' untreated control eye.
For the first subject in the cohort, visual acuity improved in the treated eye from 9 letters at baseline to 29 letters at two months follow-up; for the second subject, visual acuity improved from 9 letters at baseline to 24 letters at 18 days follow-up; for the third subject, visual acuity improved from 32 letters at baseline to 46 letters at 18 days follow-up.
At 1 year, visual acuity was unchanged in 3 patients (13%) and decreased in 1 patient (4.3%) in group 1.
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