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Functional Visual Acuity Test. We performed FVA testing with natural blinking without topical anesthesia during a 60 s time interval using an AS-28 FVA measurement system (Kowa, Nagoya, Japan) as described elsewhere [14], in which subjects were allowed to blink naturally without the administration of topical anesthetics.
Tests for VOR assessment were as follows: spontaneous and gaze nystagmus assessment, Dynamic Visual Acuity Test (DVA) and Head Impulse Test (HIT).
Computerized dynamic visual acuity test in the assessment of vestibular deficits.
Categories Investigated and their Corresponding Variables Areas of Evaluation Factors Investigation Pressure 2 free field or interior overpressure measurements 28 breacher overpressure measurements 2 gauges in the helmet, 2 gauges on the vest Head Yaw Orientation Pitch Roll Air Sampling Lead Copper Auditory Immittance Acoustic reflexes Thresholds Distortion product otoacoustic emissions Vestibular Dynamic visual acuity test Limits of stability Modified clinical test of sensory integration on balance Table 2.
Because many children with farsightedness can "achieve near-normal" on a visual acuity test, some might argue it is not important to detect their condition.
This includes a visual acuity test, i.e., an eye chart test to evaluate your distance vision; a tonometer test, in which a special instrument is used to measure the pressure inside your eye; and a visual field test to measure your side, or peripheral, vision (loss of peripheral vision is a sign of glaucoma).
In light of this, inspectors were asked to take a distance visual acuity test. This test is similar to vision tests commonly given in a doctor's office and is a reliable tool for quickly measuring distance visual acuity.
The 20/92 letter size of the television captions (20 mm high) is readily visible in a visual acuity test by normal observers with 1.5 D of blur.
"In this study we aimed to develop and validate a smartphone-based visual acuity test for eyesight which would work in challenging circumstances but also provide reliable enough results to use in routine clinical practice in well-established healthcare systems"
Visual acuity test These tests use the familiar chart with letters of diminishing size.