visual examination

See: inspection
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This case should serve to remind gas fitters of the importance of conducting a thorough visual examination of pipework installed in addition to gas tightness testing.
Endoscopy is a visual examination of any part inside the body which can be reached through a natural orifice, using a small flexible camera called an endoscope.
Once again, MSHA has yet to describe what it means by "corrosive environment" and, once it does, MSHA will have to tell us how to measure the extent of exposure that causes a given component to fall into the category where visual examination is no longer acceptable.
o You can do visual examination and approval which will give you great execution experiences for item choices.
A statement said: "Following an initial visual examination by specialist police officers and a further examination by military experts, the device - reported to police as suspicious at around 3.
I carried out a visual examination and there were several areas of blood staining.
A desk study and a visual examination revealed flaws in its concept together with a lack of attention to detail design.
The samples underwent microscopic and visual examination, Iodine tests for qualitative test on the presence of starch, starch content, scanning for contaminants, solvent test, confirmation using preference standard and heavy metals test.
Perceptions of color are highly subjective, as visual examination involves many complicating variables--from differences in the eyes and brains of examiners to the conditions of the examining environment.
Oak Ridge National Laboratory has developed iSPM: Intelligent Software Suite for Personalized Modeling of Expert Opinions, Decisions and Errors in Visual Examination Tasks, a novel technology utilizing eye-tracking hardware, an intelligent GUI engine and advanced analytics to predict an individual's perceptual behavior, cognitive response and risk of error for complex decision tasks such as cancer diagnosis from medical images.
Gastroscopy is a visual examination of the upper part of the gastro-intestinal tract, including the oesophagus, stomach and duodenum.