visual examination

See: inspection
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The missions are divided into batches and processed by separate markets defined as follows - Lot No 1: Management Unit Centre- Lot # 2: Senior Management Unit of Rouen,- Lot 3: visual examination Missions treated surfaces after removal work materials and products containing asbestos.
The procedure is rapid and painless, involving a technological and visual examination of the oral cavity.
Perceptions of color are highly subjective, as visual examination involves many complicating variables--from differences in the eyes and brains of examiners to the conditions of the examining environment.
Gastroscopy is a visual examination of the upper part of the gastro-intestinal tract, including the oesophagus, stomach and duodenum.
Every POC test to diagnose malaria is an immunological test based on an antigen-antibody reaction at optimal conditions, whereas microscopy involves staining of slides and visual examination.
The forensic and visual examination of the submarine will be possible only after it is made afloat.
also performs X-ray inspection, magnetic particle inspection, liquid penetrant testing, hydrostatic pressure testing and visual examination.
Since successful treatment relies on visual examination and fast and accurate identification, the texts and color plates are aimed at facilitating diagnosis of common fungal, bacterial, tropical, and viral infections.
By carrying out a POWDER check, drivers and riders can help ensure that their vehicle is roadworthy with a quick visual examination, before they begin their journey.
100 per cent thorough visual examination of all lines; ultrasonic gauging/scanning; profile radiographic examination; magnetic particle testing (MPT)/dye penetrant testing (DPT) of small bore branch connections.
The B6344 Yesterday a council spokesman said: "On the basis of a visual examination of the conditions on site at present it is anticipated that the cost of repairs could be as high as PS3m.
However, this is a sensitive technique that restricts the surgeon's direct visual examination.