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Continuously working under high-intensity light results in intraoperative visual fatigue and increases the chance of surgical errors.
The first section was about demographic details; second was about health-related individual characteristics specifically to assess visual fatigue reasons and symptoms; the third section was about 3-D movie vision characteristics; and the fourth section was about health assessment before, during and after watching 3-D movies.
This connectivity minimizes image tearing and input latency and stutter that can disrupt gameplay and escalate visual fatigue.
If a student is prone to visual fatigue, an advantage of dual-media instruction may be that the student could use braille for subjects or content that are not visual in nature, such as reading text.
Increasing the ambient illumination to minimize differences in eye adaptation would potentially reduce visual fatigue for workers using typical LCDs in medical image soft-copy reading rooms [31].
The multidimensional measures of fatigue, such as visual fatigue, muscular fatigue, boredom and malaise states, are associated with the personality of drivers (Matthews and Desmond, 1998).
There is no evidence to suggest DSE work will cause permanent damage to eyes or eyesight but eye tests are provided to ensure users can comfortably see the screen and fulfil their job without suffering visual fatigue.
Posilek obfity + inne napoje / Heavy 0,193[+ or -]0,289 (j,k) meal + other beverages (N = 24) Zmeczenie Rodzaj posilku i napoju wzrokowe Kind of meal and beverages Visual fatigue (M[+ or -]SD) 1.
The researchers are now working to reduce the 'visual fatigue' associated with longer-term users of such systems.
Schatz et al (15) observed that subjective signs of visual fatigue with on screen work were significantly more frequent in the exposed group than the control group.
Manual counting under the microscope causes visual fatigue and may lead to variability among different users.