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Visual system informed their goal-formation and their tools, stone axes, picks and cleavers, developed symmetrical cutting edges.
Based upon where the VOF terminates in the brain's cortex, Pestilli said the VOF might play a critical role in the brain's visual system, coordinating information transmission between brain areas important for "where we see" and "what we see."
According to Matsumiya, current views on face processing assume that the visual system only receives facial signals from the visual modality - but these experiments suggest that face perception is truly crossmodal.
It is not yet clear which judgments require significant cognitive processing and which may be mediated solely by our visual system. In this study, the researchers investigated one of these--causality judgments--in an effort to understand better the division of labor between visual and cognitive processes.
To get around this limitation, the researchers fed the slow fMRI signals through a complex program that filled the gaps in the data to approximate the rapid chain of events as nerve cells in the visual system detect a moving scene.
The physical properties of the visual system. When communicating visually, we must consider the shape, size, color and information displayed to determine what will be most effective and have the most impact on employees.
Our ambient visual system supports correct spatial orientation by allowing the brain to monitor the relative position of objects that reflect or illuminate light around us.
Buses will have an audio visual system to tell of connecting services and where they are in relation to city attractions.
The wide-field-of-view trainer includes a day-night high-fidelity visual system; a common glass cockpit; the ability to use night vision goggles; and expandable hardware and software to encompass additional missions such as combat search and rescue.
Designed as a partial dodecahedron dome, SimuSphere makes use of advancements in projection technology to provide optimum air-to-air and air-to-ground training, said John Schaefer, Link's visual system manager.
At times printing disassembled the internal coherence of this visual system and stripped away genealogical information because of technical requirements.

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