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4) The resultant visualisation solution will be evaluated using validated methods to assess its usability to improve decision making for users of differing visualisation ability
The hypothesis is that while visualisation provides a powerful means to represent datasets in a way that help carry out tasks more effectively and making sense the underlying data we may be overestimating the ability of the general public to understand and use visualisation tools biased by the fact that we as researchers are high consumers of visualisation.
Gobert (2005) has applied her own earlier work on 'model-based teaching and learning' to the issue of visualisations. The notion that rich, detailed, interactive, computer-based visualisations might offer additional resources to allow students to develop rich mental models seems plausible, however research to explore this possibility is in its infancy.
Since students are typically tested on their propositional knowledge of Science content, it can be argued that the external images and models presented by interactive, computer-based visualisations contribute to the dynamic processes by which students construct the mental models that in turn allow them to develop these propositional representations.
It seems plausible to suggest that computer-based scientific visualisations might have the potential to support teachers and students in each of the four dimensions of the conceptual change process.
Large-scale data management and analytic processing, including MapReduce-based analytics, are delivered through Aster Data nCluster while big data visualisation and rich analytics dashboards will be delivered with Tableau Software.
Data visualisation software provider Advanced Visual Systems Inc (PINKSHEETS:AVSC) has announced the release of a new edition of its OpenViz data visualisation technology.
Given this, it is valuable to collect evidence on the ways in which teachers use visualisations in combination with other teaching strategies.
While there are some recent attempts (e.g., Kyza, Erduran & Tibergheien, 2009; Ling, 2011; Yore & Hand, 2010) at systematizing approaches to the use of scientific visualisations in teaching, there does not yet seem to be a strong theoretical case for any particular ways of combining visualisations with other teaching approaches in sequences.
All students in all five classes also learned in the same way with the computer-based visualisations: one student working on one computer, without interacting with either a teacher or other students.
Epiviz also incorporates a number of visualisation techniques for location-based data, including genomic regions of interest, and feature-based data, including gene expression, utilising interactive data visualisation methods not available in web-based genome browsers.
ADUS data acquisition and visualisation technologies will add value to DeepOcean s core services, whilst providing ADUS with global access and resources it needs to grow in the energy market.