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The ALA initiated the creation of these CGIs by specifying on a plan of the development which 'views' he wanted to see visualised in a CGI; the visualisers then went to work combining CAD models of the relevant individual buildings.
The Msheireb Downtown project had another layer of complexity, however, because all the different CGI files created by different architects and visualisers had to be compatible with each other.
The document ordered visualisers to use the coordinate template provided by the EC; specified acceptable file formats; described the required conventions for naming each file, each material, and each layer within the 3DS Max model; noted the geometry to be used (for example, "all objects will have wielded [sic] vertices", "no double geometry is allowed"); and insisted on the inclusion of "all native package files" in the deliverable.
This was particularly evident in relation to the photographs of people that were cut-and-pasted by visualisers into the CGI views.
Once it became clear that the client had specific expectations about wanting Qatari-looking people in the CGIs, visualisers were forced to look beyond their usual image banks to find properly Qatari figures to insert into the Msheireb Downtown CGIs.