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Yet many organizations are feeling constrained by the lack of affordable access to high-performance visualization environments and display technology," said Bjorn Andersson, director of HPC and Integrated Systems, Sun Microsystems.
Educational Market: 3D visualization is finding its way into the classroom for K-12 as well as Universities and schools of higher education.
The purpose of creative visualization is to help you put those steps in their proper order.
Still, there are some strong guideposts illustrating what the future of information interfaces and data visualization may look like.
This article describes, through examples, how the Scientific Applications and Visualization Group (SAVG) at NIST has utilized high performance parallel computing and visualization to accelerate condensate modeling, (2) fluid flow in porous materials and in other complex geometries, (3) flows in suspensions, (4) x-ray absorption, (5) dielectric breakdown modeling, and (6) dendritic growth in alloys.
To implement visualization into our program, we have prepared our own visualization cassette tapes.
Scientific visualization should enhance our knowledge of a given phenomenon, not draw attention to the graphics techniques themselves or, worse, deceive the viewer," Lytle says.
From the start of the JSF program in the 1990s, SGI advanced visualization and high-performance computing technologies have been instrumental in helping Lockheed Martin generate the most cost-effective, risk-free and performance-driven designs possible for this stealthy next-generation multirole strike fighter," said Tony Celeste, national director of defense business, SGI Federal.
Visual Serving solutions from SGI give networked users of desktop systems the ability to interact visually with powerful remote SGI Onyx 3000 series visualization systems.

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