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Visualize the very best for your world, and allow your life to follow that vision.
With superior application and graphics performance, the HP VISUALIZE X-Class Personal Workstation enables our customers to achieve the best results in the shortest time period.
Visualize and Insightful share common core markets and many common customers in the life sciences and financial services industries.
Tripos' SYBYL will be featured on the HP VISUALIZE workstation, which is part of HP's line of workstations that employ UNIX, Windows NT or Linux operating systems and the industry-leading fx line of OpenGL graphics cards.
The HP VISUALIZE Personal Workstations meet the demanding needs of professionals running sophisticated 3-D DCC applications.
Based on industry-standard application benchmarks, the new HP VISUALIZE P600 Personal Workstation with HP VISUALIZE fx2+ graphics offers leadership application performance with an overall performance increase over the P550 of up to 10 percent.
Computer mapping of that information allows the researchers to visualize how the parts of the Internet are connected at a given time.
These allow users to visualize a wide range of processes, such as production costs, energy losses of a particular machine or material flows within specific economic sectors.
This relationship with Visualize is designed to alleviate some of the post-moving burdens by providing quick and easy access to the details that turn a house into a home.
plans to expand its HP VISUALIZE workstation family with a new line of high- performance Windows NT(R) workstations based on Intel's new 450MHz, 500MHz and 550MHz Pentium(R) III and Pentium III Xeon processors.
Researchers are now developing a system that generates a three-dimensional representation of a computer program, letting programmers visualize, experiment with, and modify the software.
Given Imaging has three commercially available capsules: the PillCam SB video capsule to visualize the entire small intestine which is currently marketed in the United States and in more than 50 other countries; the PillCam ESO video capsule to visualize the esophagus; and the Agile(TM) patency capsule to determine the free passage of the PillCam capsule in the GI tract.

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