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The multicenter study was conducted on 103 patients, both men and women, in whom the endocardial definition in at least two of six LV wall segments could not be adequately visualized.
The study of 68 women suggests that, after augmentation, there is usually about a 30 percent decrease in the area of breast tissue visualized by standard compression mammography -- or, with the use of displacement mammography (Eklund technique, in which the implant is pushed backward while glandular tissue is brought forward), a 25 percent decrease.
Garcia says he was impressed with the way Schwarzenegger visualized exactly how the program would work, then worked diligently to bring it to life.
The new drug inhibited growth of liver metastases as visualized in real time by MRI.
MapXtreme Java also delivers a mapping interface that enables the creation of a map as an image, so that the data can be visualized as it is gathered.
The development of infection over just a few hours on internal organs and its regression after effective antibiotic treatment can be visualized by whole-body imaging.
As far as we know, this is the first time a model of this size has been visualized by a commercial product," says Dr.

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