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On the map, we compared each city's donation total with it's population - a methodology that visualizes donation rates, rather than overall donation totals, which would essentially display a population map.
JMP 8 visualizes data through drag-and-drop interaction.
Even the magnificent Blue Angels Fighter Squadron sits in a room and visualizes its routine prior to getting into the airplanes.
To catch these elusive prints researchers at Los Alamos (N.M.) National Laboratory have developed a method that visualizes fingerprints with X rays.
If it discovers non-compliant paths, such as partial paths operating on outdated or incomplete information, it visualizes the discrepancies and notifies the administrator.
Smokeview visualizes the predictions generated by the Fire Dyanamics Simulator.
He visualizes how he's going to pitch to each hitter, going through the line-up at least once and making it as real as possible.
So we have no need to consider the question whether what one visualizes can constitute or be represented as a proof or part of a proof.
Designing with light has always been an important element of architecture, yet the ways in which architects can visualize this intangible building material have hitherto been imprecise.