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Unfortunately too," she added, "many people may not be aware of it, but they're visualizing the opposite-big floods, landslides, deaths and other unfortunate outcomes.
Besides visualizing the notes and the body playing the notes, you must feel the body moving and touching the instrument (kinesthetic imaging).
6,7] This problem can be overcome by visualizing the upper esophagus while slowly withdrawing the esophagoscope and by using the direct laryngoscope.
Visualizing Boccaccio: Studies on Illustrations of The Decameron from Giotto to Pasolini likewise catches our attention with its cover, seductive at first but wrong on a second take.
Similar schemes could be used for simulating industrial process control, visualizing enormous databases to facilitate pattern recognition, and improving engineering and software design.
Yet it deftly captures many of the concerns that scientists and graphics professionals share about the overuse or inappropriate use of computer graphics techniques for visualizing scientific data.
Organized by mathematician and sculptor Nat Friedman of the State University of New York at Albany, the meeting represented his attempt to find people with whom he could share his deep interest in visualizing mathematics, whether in geometry, sculpture, computer art or architecture.