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Together with more than 100 partner universities, international organizations, companies, and NGOs, Visualizing is helping to improve understanding and uncover insights about the systems that make up our world.
The Wiley Visualizing pedagogy shows students what the discipline they are studying is all about, instilling an appreciation for and excitement about the richness of the subject -- an approach the National Geographic Society pioneered in its legendary magazine 118 years ago.
So researchers have turned increasingly to new, computer-intensive methods of visualizing data in order to sort out information, extract meaningful results, and gain important insights.
Mindjet Corporation is the leading provider of productivity software for visualizing and managing information, allowing individuals and teams to more effectively think, plan, and collaborate.
Organized by mathematician and sculptor Nat Friedman of the State University of New York at Albany, the meeting represented his attempt to find people with whom he could share his deep interest in visualizing mathematics, whether in geometry, sculpture, computer art or architecture.
Unlike general-purpose viewers, Speedview directly assists in finding, visualizing, and deciding how to fix EM violations and voltage drop in a design.
Already used for creating prototypes of commercial products ranging from perfume bottles to automobile wheels, sterolithography also shows promise as a method of visualizing mathematical shapes and scientific data.
3D Surface Inspector users can explore image depth by visualizing and interacting with images in three dimensions.
A new online gallery enables visitors to browse images produced using CEI's EnSight; Harpoon, the extreme mesher; and Kraken, CEI's solution for visualizing geology and reservoir engineering datasets.
This graphical representation provides more accurate problem diagnosis and allows IT managers to more effectively plan changes by visualizing their impact on the entire organization.