vital concern

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This is why the attainment of proficiency, the pushing of your skill with attention to the most delicate shades of excellence, is a matter of vital concern.
Participants of the meeting lamented that non-issues were being highlighted while issues of vital concern for the Pakhtuns had been ignored which would further intensify their insecurities.
Ambassador Paez suggested a forum or seminar on Asia, for detailed presentations by Asian countries and more discussions on issues of vital concern.
The court should give its verdict at the earliest in this matter as it is of vital concern for the people and democratic liberties in the country.
Online security is a vital concern for such dealings.
The shift amply justifies this first effort in tackling a vital concern over time.
She said that the Cowasjee Foundation was glad to support the establishment of the Writing Centre at IBA to honour the memory of her father who had used his writings for over 23 years for Dawn to focus public and official attention on matters of vital concern.
Cyber security continues to be a vital concern of business leaders and senior executives, with 80 percent of board members saying that cyber security is discussed at most or all board meetings.
Maritime security has emerged as a vital concern to Asean.
When asked about the situation in Syria, he added that it is an issue of vital concern for all.
Regardless of demands for us to show sympathetic consideration for the feelings of those English settlers who have acquired formerly Scottish homes, the vital concern of Siol nan Gaidheal will remain securely focused upon the welfare and future of those Scots thus rendered homeless.
That vital concern is the "demise" of the death penalty.