vital part

References in classic literature ?
at once flashed out the husband, wounded in that most vital part of him, his sense of property.
If he escapes them in one part they attack him in another more vital part.
You shall read, in some of the friars' books of mortification, that a man should think with himself, what the pain is, if he have but his finger's end pressed, or tortured, and thereby imagine, what the pains of death are, when the whole body is corrupted, and dissolved; when many times death passeth, with less pain than the torture of a limb; for the most vital parts, are not the quickest of sense.
It was not until Caleb had been occupied, some time, in yoking a team of horses to a waggon by the summary process of nailing the harness to the vital parts of their bodies, that she drew near to his working-stool, and sitting down beside him, said:
Huw Evans Gwynedd Council's Active Young People Officer said Criw Actif members are a vital part to Gwynedd's plans to celebrate the Olympic Games, and they arrange many events across the county, including the Secondary Triathlon and Sportshall athletics.
The school is part of the social fabric and a vital part of the community, just as South Bank St Peter's school is a vital part of the South Bank community.
The Centre is a vital part of the community, offering help and advice about jobs as well as assistance with CVs.
The street mentors are a vital part of the reduction strategy and will help youth understand the dangers and consequences of gang life," said Chomiak.
Building and maintaining relationships with clients is a vital part of his job.
GPS has become a vital part of what the military does today, and its use will increase over time," said Dave Williamson, deputy product manager.
Voting responsibility, pushing the message that "voting is a vital part of every Christian's civic responsibility" and encouraging its members to register new voters, especially Christian voters.
He noted that Wishlist's latest address is playing a vital part in the overall revitalization of downtown Darien.