vital principle

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SG And 'In him is the vital principle of what is moving and what is fixed' (RV 7.
33) For Aristotle, the external parts of the body express the higher or lower quality of the vital principle.
Circulation was a vital principle for the idea of the sanitary city, whether it involved circulation of water (drainage, water supply), air (ventilation of houses, parks as 'lungs') or people (crowds, traffic).
Yet this vital principle is under sustained assault today from well-heeled pressure groups such as the ADF.
The sole vital principle in whose name one "constructs Europe" today--"civil society"--rules out the construction of Europe, since left to itself this principle excludes all political construction.
Our prime concern is the safety of Amardeep but there is also a vital principle at stake here - the rights and freedoms of the press in a democratic society.
7] When one thus departs, life departs; and when life departs, all the functions of the vital principle depart.
Everyone agreed that differentiation was a vital principle, so that the fastest could join soonest.
It would uphold the vital principle of collective Cabinet responsibility.
Precedent is a vital principle in legal proceedings and today's decision establishes a tremendous precedent.
Thelwall was concerned to prove that the vital principle of life was inseparable from the physicality of the human body, a materialist argument which was coherent with his rational claims for political reform.
One vital principle of development, for instance, is to expand the repertoire of nonviolent sanctions.