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Schulemann, "The action of vital stains belonging to the benzidine group," Science, vol.
Use of the vital stain Evan's blue demonstrated that, albeit in a small percentage, some TTC-unstained seeds were not dead but dormant (Table I), with germination potential given appropriate conditions.
DISCUSSION: Many techniques have been suggested to improve safety in anterior capsulorhexis confection of cataracts without red reflex, such as the use of a optic fiber endoilluminator in a lateral position, endodiathermy, air filling of the anterior chamber, two step anterior capsulorhexis under high magnification, autologous blood impregnation and the injection of various vital stains in the anterior chamber like a solution of gentian violet and methylene blue, brilliant cresyl blue, fluorescein, trypan blue 0.1% and indocyanine green.