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The names of some of the best of these chroniclers are Eadmer, Orderic Vitalis, and William of Malmesbury.
Vitalis Kelechi Anozie, aka 'Kelechi Vitalis Anozie,' aka 'Kelechi Anozieh,' aka 'Pastor Kel Anozie,' aka 'Pastor Kc,' aka 'Choice'
This hamper had products like Spiced Butter Milk along with Vitalis Laban and Yoghurt, New Taste Yoghurt, Flavored Yoghurt Assorted, Flavored Milk, Flavored Laban, BonBonIcecream assorted flavours, juices and lots more.
But KMC, managed by former Uganda international Jackson Mayanja, had the last laugh with Vitalis Mayanga scoring the crucial goal.
Works by key modern masters Fernando Zobel, Diosdado Lorenzo, Macario Vitalis, Romeo Tabuena and National Artist Jose Joya will lead Leon Gallery's 12th online auction under its Leonexchange platform on July 20-21.
Kenya Basketball Federation (KBF) secretary Vitalis Gode yesterday said the newly introduced tournament that has attracted 12 teams starts on July 19-28.
VITALIS VILLAS: Our group of journalists was billeted at Vitalis Villas in Santiago, Ilocos Sur, a Greek-inspired resort hotel done in all white, reminiscent of, as they say, Santorini.
After three wins in pools, Besbes had qualified for the tablo 64, beating Brazilian Nathalie Moellhaussen (15-12), before defeating French Coraline Vitalis (15-7) at the tableau of 32, then French Marie-Floreance Candassamy (15-14) at the tableau of 16.
Rapheal Obeng and Mathew Osa both bagged braces, and with the game long over as a contest, Vitalis Anozie's 86th minute goal wrapped things up.
Euphorbia ammak 'Variegata' and Opuntia ficus-indica act as taller focal points, while airy Asparagus densiflorus 'Myers', playful finger-like Senecio vitalis, and colorful Agave 'Blue Glow' and Aeonium 'Cyclops' give plenty to linger over as well.
In talks with Kiwi trade minister Vangelis Vitalis, the rural affairs secretary highlighted Welsh worries over post-Brexit lamb imports.