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What opponents of dualism and vitalism often do not see is that Thomas Aquinas offers an alternative view of nature and human nature that would fully honor the discoveries of contemporary science while avoiding the errors of materialism and dualism, and that Thomas's philosophy offers a way of accounting for the "more" in nature that modern science recognizes.
This ecstatic moment, in which human and nonhuman beings are joined by a synesthetic and synthetic vision, is the basis for claims about Coleridge's vitalism.
In addition to his inadequate treatment of materialism, Broom's arguments against it and for vitalism were not convincing.
Vitalism recognized the difference between organic and inorganic entities.
life, dangerous concept of philosophy as dialogue seduction, style as thinking, presuppositions of vitalism
In a prologue-manifesto to La erotica del relato: Escritores de la nueva literatura argentina, these heraldos (the name is taken from Cesar Vallejo's famous poem) profess a vitalism where words are "erections of the tongue," thus the "story erotics" of the title.
Traditional religions include concepts such as monotheism, animism, vitalism, spirit and ancestor worship, witchcraft and sorcery, and vary widely among ethnic groups; none is formalized.
Topics ranged from the traditional vitalism and philosophy, the use of medicines as foods, to the clinical application of herbal medicines for cancer, obesity, autoimmunity, thyroid, psoriasis, inflammation, conception, ear nose and throat treatment, menopause, breastfeeding and the gut, through to evidence based medicine, environmental issues, quality, regulation and research.
12) Categorized under the umbrella of CAM, practitioners of TCM in America, especially but not exclusively those who are not Chinese ethnics, often incorporate the central beliefs and values of the general CAM into their practices and ideology--Holism, Vitalism, spiritual usage of secular language, understanding of health as a state of optimal conditions rather than only the absence of symptoms, and the teamwork relationship between healer and patient.
Holism can likewise be unmoored from references to vitalism and still express an "inherent property of complex systems to maintain and enhance complexity against the dissipative tendency which is embodied in the second law of thermodynamics.
There are two basic approaches to constitutional interpretation: originalism, which makes the intention of the drafters, the intention of the approvers, or the meaning of the text as it was understood or would have been understood by the drafters or approvers the criterion of interpretation; and vitalism, which prioritizes the needs of contemporary society over any strict intentional or semantic textual construction.
I postulate that the "schism" indicated therein references the split between the mind and the body as they have been traditionally assigned to masculine and feminine elements respectively, or as Elizabeth Grosz's Volatile Bodies explains, "[t]he mind/body split is frequently correlated with the distinctions between reason and passion, sense and sensibility, outside and inside, self and other, depth and surface, reality and appearance, mechanism and vitalism, transcendence and immanence, temporality and spatiality, psychology and physiology, form and matter, and so on" (3).