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20) and is open to other regulations; therefore, this type is a market-central policy pursuit, focusing on vitalization of the media market that smart TV would bring.
Transitive vitalization and its impact on father representation.
Vitalization is a force that is conditioning human behavior.
Provides: some scholarships and being in on the reformation & vitalization of P.
Enhance your career with Physicalmind Institute's Special Matwork Video Package and free Vitalization booklet
The disintegration stage dominates the first half of the novel, while the vitalization stage governs the second half.
As a leading figure in the vitalization of Frisian literature in the 1920s and 1930s, he deserves the honor of this publication of his collected poetry.
Within the synopsis of these texts, Iversen stresses and illustrates a number of points: Riegl's polemical stance against empiricists resulting partially in his interest in ornamentation and the vitalization of practical an forms as valuated art; his understanding and stance on cultural pluralism and an interpretation of its gradual derivation; and his thought and conception of a kunstwolle.
He would urge the vitalization of our cities as part of a lull employment/fair wage priority.
We think an art mall would add to a vitalization of the downtown core area," he said.
The two sides agreed to implement the CGAC Phase II, Technology and Innovation in Animal Breeding and Crop Production and Agrotechnology Demonstration Park (DCALDP), continue exchanges of young agricultural professionals under the framework of the China-Germany Trainee Programme, further cooperation in biogas, seed industry and fishery resources conservation, and support China in its rural vitalization.