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From time to time we rub the wound of slavery to vitalize our connectedness to the past and through it to each other.
Used skillfully, intentional cacophony can vitalize the content of imagery.
Her gestures are self-reflexive, and above all, declare and vitalize the canvas space on which they exist, and into which they sometimes seem to melt.
6, 2012 (CENS) -- To vitalize the stock market, the Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC) is planning to permit intraday trading in the form of buying before selling the same stock in the same trading session, without restriction on targeted stock, and coordinate with the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TSE) for lowering the fees for securities dealers.
US defence and security solutions specialist Science Applications International Corp (NYSE:SAI), or SAIC, on Thursday said it has signed a deal to take over clinical, business and IT services firm Vitalize Consulting Solutions (VCS).
But argument over such questions can vitalize intellectual discussion, and the more technical problems mentioned above do not compromise the wealth of information, the excellent bibliography and notes, and the diligent yet passionate analysis.