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In language, too, banking is the primary significance of the verbal expression to bank on, meaning to trust vitally. The adverb vitally indicates that you trust it with your own life.
A Treasury spokesman said: "This forecast underscores exactly why our plans to increase productivity and ensure we get the very best deal with the EU are vitally important.
So, whether by our excellent communications group--teeming with dedicated and creative professionals involved in writing, concept, and design--or by winged sandals, you can be sure we will successfully "Use your words" to deliver each vitally important message, whatever it may be.
Vitally important: Marsh ladies' Choir with musical director Ian Abbott provided sparkling entertainment
But that meant that the charity was unable to collect vitally needed new donations to replace the sold items.
Early detection is vitally important for effective treatment."
vitally vitally games It was, to say the least, disappointing on Saturday against Southampton.
Russian Ambassador vitally Churkin approaches the microphone
Commenting on the name issue between Skopje and Athens, Professor Norman Davis, a renowned historian from Oxford, said: "In the past, too, there were similar disputes regarding names of countries, yet in Macedonia's case, it is vitally important that the name is decided by its citizens rather than by someone from the outside."
village communities to markets and services, as well as to enhance the potential of the Transport Ministry on management by the vitally
PRINCETON, NJ -- Seven out of 10 Americans say what happens in China is vitally important to the U.S., putting China at the top of 12 countries Gallup asked Americans to rate on this dimension, significantly ahead of North Korea and Iran.