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It was vitally important that I should get back to the inn and make the necessary arrangements for our departure the next morning, before the primitive people of the place had retired to bed.
For, don't you see, the railway men, machinists and engineers, iron and steel workers, do all of the vitally essential work in our machine civilization.
The women, though they have some differentiating touches, are certainly not more dramatically and vitally imagined.
And soon the young couple go out of the Nuns' House, taking all precautions against the discovery of the so vitally defective boots of Mr.
I went slowly down the doctor's stairs, feeling the disheartening conviction that he really had something to say which it was vitally important to me to hear, and that he was morally incapable of saying it.
But he summed up the occasion perfectly with his thoughtful words: "Music is vitally important.
A VEHICLE rental firm has stepped in to help a Teesside charity collect vitally needed donations.
There are now three vitally important games coming up in the space of a week for Everton.
Department of State said that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton encouraged Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu to continue important dialogue with Israel because that relationship remains a vitally important one to the future of the region.
He added: "Vitally, absolutely vitally, he is comfortable among people of every kind, young and old, men and women, inside and outside the movement.
The Doha Round at this moment of the crisis exiting is a vitally needed, and to be frank, a very low cost global economic stimulus package," Lamy told participants at the Bahrain Global Forum.