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It accounts for the fact that only the critical zone--a zone that requires the highest fraction of ventilation air in its supply air--will produce fully vitiated air (where fully vitiated air is air from zones that receive exactly the minimum ventilation rate required by the standard, and ventilation air is a combination of outdoor air and recirculated return air that is not fully vitiated).
Autocratic, anti-democratic and -socialist Protestant Prussia's unification of Germany vitiated the German ideal for American embodiment.
The claim of Julius's bar on West 10th Street to be the city's oldest gay bar is vitiated by the fact that during the purge one could only gain entry to Julius's if one was accompanied be a member of the opposite sex
When Swiss emigre Robert Frank set out to document America for his laconic if pathos-laden photographic series "The Americans" in 1955, he encountered a society in the grip of postwar consumption, vitiated by racial inequalities and rampant class division.
But the bill was vitiated by allowing some forms of cloning.
The ongoing debate [on conversion] and the atmosphere has been vitiated as a result of the court ruling," said Bishop Frank Marcus Fernando, president of the Roman Catholic bishops' national commission on catechetics.
Out then the ideological innovation of a quite different and contradictory ideal, that of sustainability, formed the basis, he notes, for 'a new self-confidence amongst western urban planners,' which in Britain, at least, was vitiated by the way Thatcherism had established a pattern of chronic under-investment in all public services.
This case is before the Court, however, because the court below vitiated that remedy, finding first that the overpayment statute was inapposite and further that Minnesota law provided a constitutionally sufficient predeprivation remedy, to wit: the assessment protest statute, which had never before been extended to cover the non-discretionary act of calculating tax bills.
While this focus generates som e fascinating readings, most notably of the nonsense logic of Feste's song ending Twelfth Night, the value of Booth's criticism to his peers is vitiated by his assumption that he need not engage with the extraordinary body of scholarship on Jonson or Shakespeare published over the past two decades.
Standard arguments for narrow mechanism are vitiated by various closely related fallacies, including the "equivalence fallacy" and the "simulation fallacy.
But because of the war on drugs, the Fourth Amendment has been practically vitiated.