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Such vitiation of intention will only arise in certain exceptional cases.
The general causative factors for vitiation of Vata dosha are consumption of dry, cold or stale food, irregular sleeping habits, suppression of natural urges, exposure to severe cold and dry weather and exposure to strong airA[degrees]conditioning.
Substrate selection and seasonal vitiation in densities of invertebrates in stream pools of a tropical river.
The greatest of these crimes, for Nietzsche and for Pirandello, is the vitiation of the will through the tyranny of custom, tradition, and conformity that negates and erodes the multiplicity of self, drives everyman into unwitting self-exile, and condemns the man of wisdom to "the madness of knowing one can never be oneself" (act 2).
The effects of pollution and vitiation unleashed against the ISI are now discernible in a section of our media.
happens next: vitiation of assent does not necessarily lead to excuse or
One of the requisite elements to sustaining assault or murder convictions in the context of HIV transmission is the vitiation of consent on the part of the complainant through inadequate information.
Whereas The Woodlanders charts the vitiation of faith in pantheistic perceptions, The Crystal Cabinet applauds the cultural claims, imperatives and aspirations of Wordsworthian poetics to gauge the interwoven dilemmas of the modern self.
He believed these organic substances to be the actual contaminants that caused vitiation of the air.
By ruling on issues such as the required burden of proof, the weight afforded to hearsay evidence, the scope of detention authority, and the vitiation of a relationship, the Court would take great steps towards clarifying detainee case law, and shoring up disparate results in cases bearing largely similar facts.
Their homes at Enugu and Aba become a fortress for them and at the same time a symbol of vitiation.