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The Antiques Roadshow presenter, 50, shuns social media because of the vitriolic abuse that she has seen unleashed on fellow female celebrities.
LEAVING party allegiances to one side, Home Secretary eresa May's vitriolic speech to the annual police conference in Bournemouth has reduced politics to the gutter.
Having been the target of at times vitriolic abuse whenever at Goodison, the Spaniard may have feared the worse.
I thought I had heard and read every vitriolic diatribe and crass assertion going that could be spewed against the First Minister but this one is a cracker.
The website of the Penguin News ran a photo of Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner to illustrate a story about her vitriolic speech about the territory.
KIRSTY Williams singled out Welsh Secretary Cheryl Gillan for a what was described as a "vitriolic" assault, at her party's conference.
YOUR two Sunderland-based correspondents, Neil Simpson and Frank Harrison (Voice of the North February 11), both scribed rather vitriolic ripostes to the letter of the previous day from a Mr Malcolm Dix, who was merely expressing the joy of Newcastle's incredible four-goal comeback against Arsenal.
relations with canada at all-time low?as Harper launches vitriolic attack
Unlike her appearances on The Weakest Link, which are becoming increasingly vitriolic but with a slightly more tongue-in-cheek edge, Anne genuinely vents her spleen at those she believes deserves it.
I read a few of his earlier articles and then also "got it" and now only very briefly scan them for any deviation from the vitriolic repetitive, which seldom if ever arises.
Judging from many of the vitriolic anti-devolution rants, I'd be inclined to agree with them!
THE DIKLER ponders whether a fear of litigation was the reason for markedly fewer vitriolic comments about clownish jockeys and trainers in the recently published 2009 Hunter Chasers and Point-to-Pointers.