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The other text Frederic and Greffi discuss, Barbusse's Le Feu, vitriolically condemns "shirkers.
In Chaucer's narrative the two mothers-in-law are vitriolically (and won derfully) berated by the Man of Law-narrator at length, with much drama and many a rhetorical flourish.
The same vitriolically hateful, viciously selfish and venomously vengeful Hitler portrayed by Ian Kershaw in Hubris: 1889-1936 is detestably evident here: `[h]uman life and suffering [were] of no consequence to him.
Brasillach vitriolically attacked the decadent Third Republic as "an old syphilitic whore, stinking of patchouli and yeast infection, still exhaling her bad odors, still standing on her sidewalk," and blamed the left for the country's malaise.