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Propagandists who seize on such features to vituperate against "reds and browns" are much more discreet about the fact that the xenophobic Zhirinovsky is now Yeltsin's chief ally not only on Chechnya but on, say, the election of the speaker in the Duma.
A Le Pen can vituperate against the Brussels bureaucracy, but he cannot attack the Nazis' bete noire, the "Jewish-American plutocracy," and at the same time describe himself, as he does, as a sort of French Ronald Reagan.
agents-as Italian patriots [see Singer, "The Gladiators:' December 10, 19901; he can vituperate against magistrates and attack the Constitution he is supposed to protect.
Most significant, perhaps, in light of how the media portray us, the study found that 77 percent of the elderly in 1984 had incomes below $20,000, and only 3 percent (only I percent of elderly singles) enjoyed incomes above $50,000 that class of welfare parasites that the gentle Ellen Goodman would represent as a Palm Beach matron with pearls, and Henry Fairlie would vituperate in The New Republic as 'the pampered ones .
This is the biblical reprobation of differentiating wealth as Luke vituperates those who have defrauded workers and impugns all the rich.
In both of her memoirs, Hayslip writes about her various sexual encounters, but she never vituperates against the men for their lecherous acts, probably because, rather than to personalize her experiences, she prefers to contextualize them as those of a woman within the male-dominated Vietnamese society of the 1960s.
3) Without reference to other comic medieval verse or its justification among literary theorists, the editors provide no indication that Cavalcanti vituperates the poem's recipient for any greater moral or social purpose.
In another scene where the jest curdles, Hal vituperates Falstaff as