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He will there often find one layer of consciousness roundly upbraiding another, sometimes in the most violent language of abuse, for a foozled stroke; And so earnest sometimes is the vituperation poured by the unmerciful abuser upon the unfortunate foozler, that truly one is apt sometimes sincerely to commiserate the former, and to regard him as a victim of a multiple personality, and not at all blameable for his own poor play.
Gongora's allegedly unfinished Soledades (Solitudes; written between 1613 and 1618) was an extremely controversial poem, meriting lavish praise from its admirers and vituperation from its detractors.
The screen lights up when she slithers into shot and proceeds with the combined vituperation of Cruella de Vil and Alexis Carrington to get her own way.
What Polizzotti does in his study is to choose a narrative path negotiating between vituperation and idolatry.
He was more than matched in vituperation by Sir Evelyn Schuckburgh, head of Middle Eastern Affairs at the British Foreign Office, who wrote:
Balding is not a broadcaster prone to errors of fact or judgement and it was almost as if those who rounded on her had been waiting their moment, as some of the vituperation went well past harsh and into savage.
27-28), he employs the epideictic convention of vituperation by admonishing his audience for their "tameness" and "dull lethargick Fit" (6.
I have never heard such vituperation against an MP as I am now hearing about Ken Livingstone.
Whatever one may think of Kitaj, this sustained outburst of vituperation requires some analysis.
But merely getting it all off your chest while retaining dignity and letting the world see that, without descending into insults and vituperation, you're not the abandoned victim.
3) Pizan's commitment to revising and rewriting classical and especially clerical history in favor of woman and her moral worth is the first feminist project to truly debunk male vituperation of le sexe feminin, and the view in particular that "woman is evil by nature and prone to vice.
Perish the thought that some of this post-race vituperation might be connected with the perhaps unpalatable realisation that no Australian-trained horse managed to trouble the judge by finishing in the first three.