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The humble condom has been the object of much press coverage, legislative action, lawsuits, vituperative school board meetings, novelty items and artwork, and there even exists a National Condom Week.
You'll read of sand in the sugar, grasshopper fruitcake, coffee "like a pool of yellow soapsuds," "a conglomerate substance by courtesy called butter," "ham strong enough to perform the labors of Hercules," and corn bread for which the English language "affords no vituperative epithet which can do justice.
Historians of science will appreciate the effort Stigler makes to document the dynamics of the development of essential concepts of contemporary statistics, complete with the false starts, clashes of personality, vituperative exchanges, and obstructionism which impede all scientific revolutions.
Brownback has suggested his vituperative letter is sanctioned by the Senate.
Though some eminences gracing the plush ministerial chairs in Islamabad have left no stone unturned to add to the fast-snowballing chaos at the political landscape with their insensible, vituperative and strident shrill, mobocracy in any case is a very fraught enterprise, with always unpredictable consequences but invariably with sure disastrous outcomes.
And it does not befit a four star general tweeting vituperative.
For many Lebanese, last week's vituperative declarations implied that their country was just a detail and that the welfare of the Syrian and Iranian regimes came first, which rendered the idea of "national partnership" meaningless.
The BJP MP said the Congress had made a habit of using vituperative language on the social media against the Opposition, and there was a need to deal with it.
London: The best Rafael Benitez could say about his time at Chelsea was that he left with the grudging and muted respect of even his most vituperative critics.
Menon to lodge a protest with the then Chinese Assistant Foreign Minister," Saran said, "and being witness to a most undiplomatic, offensive and vituperative harangue by the latter.
Essam told the press that the vituperative attacks on his brother will be proved groundless when the superstar's new television serial is screened.
The writer has been reproducing these vituperative every fortnight.