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"What's more, we found that how vividly we perceive something in the first place predicts how vividly we will remember it later on," says Todd.
Society spokesman Denis Baylis said: "The talk will appeal to both older members of the community - many of whom will vividly remember the people and places seen in the photographs - and younger people, who will see what is in many respects a vanished world."
Re-enactors vividly brought to life the middle ages for visitors with cookery, crafts, music, archery and sword flights.
Watching The Tree Limbs is very highly recommended especially for Christian-fiction readers, as an outstandingly written and vividly detailed of a young girl finding a way out of the darkness when her only light is the hope of one day knowing anything of her parents.
It is O'Donnell the Graham dancer whom one vividly remembers.
The contrast provided by the gallery's white floor brought these colors vividly to life, and the well-designed hang allowed each painting to breathe while still participating in a dialogue with its neighbors.
Wild Heart Ranch founder and author Dawn Van Zant has integrated wildlife conservation into vividly illustrated children's tales of action, adventure and bravery.
The vividly coloured textiles filter and regulate the sun's glare, so that from inside, the taut panels shimmer and pulsate with coloured light like stained-glass windows.
Greer's writing vividly evokes the lush and rugged landscape of Colorado and gives a welcome glimpse into a slice of black America not often portrayed; men and women who planted roots and carved their paths in the West, rather than the urban enclaves of the north or hamlets and cities of the South.
Prostate Tales vividly portrays men with prostate cancer, bringing their experiences out of the shadows where they usually lie hidden.
Nobody can resist dancing to his cheery bagpipe tunes, and nobody will resist Chris Conover's lovely drawings in this remake of a traditional nursery story, brought vividly and entertainingly to life in rollicking rhyme and total fun.
Over 800 black-and-white photographs and a color photo section illustrate this vividly written collection of exclusive interviews, biographical profiles, and historical discussion of cultural influences expressed through music.