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We at Shalimar Paints believe a little colour definitely makes a lot of difference may it be a feeling of joy, an identity and sense of change, clean and vividness. Kachi Gali - 'Rang Desh ke', was an attempt to galvanize today's youth to bring alive this thought using their talent and passion to bring a change in the society - adding an artsy colourful touch to Swachh Bharat Campaign.
'Vitamin B6 did not affect the vividness, bizarreness or colour of their dreams, and did not affect other aspects of their sleep patterns,' Aspy said
The dialogue not only bolsters the vividness of the setting but drives the plot forward and reveals the nature of the characters.
According to the varsity spokesman here Monday, scholar Saima Siddique D/o Muhammad Siddique has been awarded PhD degress in the subject of Environmental Sciences after approval of her thesis entitled 'Appraisal of Eco Friendly Aspects of Essential Oils of Selected Species of Family Myrtaceae'; Ayesha Arshed Dodhy D/o Muhammad Arshed Dodhy in the subject of Home Economics after approval of her thesis entitled 'Relationship of Creative Abilities with Vividness of Imagery in Apparel Design of Fashion Illustration Students'; Ummara Saher D/o Abdul Ghafoor in the subject of Education after approval of her thesis entitled 'Comparative Study of Public and Private Sector University Graduates Self-perceived Employability, Ambition and Institutional Commitment in the Punjab''.
NeoContrast has applications which include conventional dyed lens, photochromic lens, and polarized lenses to boost vividness without glare.
It was a great characterization of a hungry, overworked servant, equaled in its power and vividness only by the great Rogelio Sikat with his classic piece Kaka Celo.
Brilliant Blue is a mid-shade blue that has both depth and vividness with slight turquoise highlights.
Summary: Bahraini artist Thajba Najeeb's latest collection is a continuation of her last series entitled "My Love Affair" where her love for the city of Lahore, Pakistan is expressed on canvas with rich colours, textures and vividness.
The 9" x 12" clear acetate painting surface was selected because of the unusual vividness of paint when applied to its surface, and the fact that images could be seen through it when placed on top of a drawing.
Imagery questionnaires and performance tests are extensively used to measure image vividness. Tulving, McNulty, and Ozier (1965), and Paivio (1965) defined vividness of imagery as the ease with which you can picture something in your mind when presented the word.
mugwort, an herb of folklore, enhancing dream remembrance and vividness.
It attracts the listeners' attention by its vividness or strangeness, and teases them to further reflection.