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However, what follows in the wake of Bassanio's selection of the leaden casket is the vivification of the would-be "shrine" into an active intercessor--an incredibly provocative concept for Shakespeare's predominantly Protestant audience.
In search of further legitimation, I copied an invigorating quotation from Walt Whitman into my project journal: 'the true use of the imaginative faculty in modern times is to give ultimate vivification to .
Such a scene as but one window into Keats's work shows how, even as it witnesses death, the writing attempts not merely a defense of life, voice, and poetry but vivification of the self not only dying but always about to die.
The playwright's vivification of these European churches reveals early on the central role that animation will come to play in his poetics, including the poetics of stained glass.
Witness the utter trumping of infused grace by imputed, graphically demonstrated in God's favoring the egregiously sinful over the sanctimoniously pious; the massive privileging of forensic justification over evidentiary sanctification, and the assimilation of the latter to the routine of legalistic works--the "rotten materialls" of sin; the disallowance of human agency (faith's "instrumental" causality) in the justifying of the sinner; the negation of the saving covenant's conditions and of its accommodation of the law as a devotional standard against which covenanted souls gained assurance of salvation; the confinement of the Spirit to the role of envoy and comforter, no longer the motor of the assuring fruits of mortification and vivification.
Their haunting totemic shapes suggest the vivification of experience occasioned by ceremony, when the intensely private--whether eros or death--is communally acknowledged.
We suspect that a significant factor working against the vivification of a MuniMall virtual community is tied to our effort to "hoist" the professional municipal administration community's communications onto the Internet.
The animation of taste, of which the arabesque Rodrick Usher is an index, eventually enacts the thematic vivification of the text itself.
The skill-biased technological change induced a boost in the relative demand for skilled employees, which was balanced by an increase in the skill premium and a relative vivification of the less skill-intensive branches.
Walt Whitman fashioned what he called a "clear plate-glassy style" for Leaves Of Grass because he wanted his poem to present "ultimate vivification to facts" that would "make every man his own priest" and "give good heart," thus uniting all people of "these United States" and everyone for all time.
In the corpus studied, we have also found a number of metaphorical linguistic expressions in which business undergoes a process of vivification, including the very pervasive device of personification.
God's "alien work" is the necessary preparation for his "proper work": "the resurrection of Christ, justification in the Spirit, and the vivification of the new man" (Luther, qtd.