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(48) Stewardship requires the mortification of our fleshly desires, as well as the vivification of service to others.
3:5), and may ultimately prove to be the vivification of the Great Tradition of the church.
Jack's vivification echoes the uncanny transformation from still to moving image that was the raison d'etre of these early film screenings.
Augustine clings to the idea that the Holy Spirit is the agent of sacramental vivification. Indeed, the bishop neither adopts a discourse of discouragement, nor promotes anxiety as a way to God.
Havens (1985) described how Erickson assisted clients to create internal realities via vivification:
The 19 selected papers consider the role of the Sacred Eye in ensuring the continuing identity of the deceased, reconstructing and re-editing the archive of seventh-century Bishop Pesynthios of Koptos/Keft, revisiting the chronology of the Middle Kingdom with lunar and Sothic data from the archive of el-Lahun, the conceptualization of anger, the vivification formulas as a case study of the increasing emphasis on collateral and female kin in the late Middle Kingdom and Second Intermediate Period, the function of metaphor in The Tale of the Eloquent Peasant, planned decoration in the temple of Kalabash, and other topics.
The rabbinic term for the afterlife, Tehiat ha-metim, usually translated as "resurrection of the body," literally means "the vivification of the dead." It comes from Isaiah 26: "Your dead shall live, their corpses shall rise.
Gilroy provides a vivification of the dangerous insufficiency of only being oriented to ADP's experience without being located in African deep thought.
Therefore the church needs to be continuously reformed by undergoing the process of mortification and vivification, by which the Spirit increasingly conforms her to the likeness of Christ.
Dans l'exemple suivant, l'image de la vivification du corps est presentee par Nodier en combinant deux images bibliques: Dieu createur et Dieu re-vivificateur.
However, what follows in the wake of Bassanio's selection of the leaden casket is the vivification of the would-be "shrine" into an active intercessor--an incredibly provocative concept for Shakespeare's predominantly Protestant audience.
In search of further legitimation, I copied an invigorating quotation from Walt Whitman into my project journal: 'the true use of the imaginative faculty in modern times is to give ultimate vivification to ...