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Van Dyck vivified the picture because of his talents as a potential portrait-painter, and through his perception of what is characteristic in a face, a hand or a posture.
94), she points to the numerous contemporary settings of his work and argues persuasively that "many of the Songs and Sonets are perplexed or vivified versions of song and madrigal themes" (ibid.
If the cells, however minute, are being purified and vivified, then the whole body must be more what it is intended to be, and so more able to do what it is called to do.
The Shakers have been sustained in their efforts by the same belief in the indwelling presence of the Spirit of Christ in their personal and communal lives that has vivified the Catholic Worker witness and those inspired by it for more than 60 years.
The others vivified such stuff as atomic warfare, the Korean front, Texas football, and children of poverty to an audience of 10 million people.
The majority of Nankov's tales are artful decorative canvases balancing prose, verse, and something in between in symmetrical patterns framed in wild humor, varnished with mild nonsense, and vivified with the indefinable incense of what one could name, perhaps, joie de vivre.
More broadly, cultivation of a sense of community represents both a sign of, and a safeguard for, a vivified priesthood.
Hurston's essay explains how Afro-Americans, deprived of a written language, vivified their nouns by affixing to them an "action" word (as in cookpot and sitting chair) and created new verbal nouns such as jooking and bookooing.
Copious notes and a quantity of judiciously selected verse, carefully transcribed and sensitively translated (and further vivified in the excellent cassette helpfully accompanying this volume) are the book's distinguishing features.
We need to appreciate all over again that the whole universe is a sacrament, vivified by the presence of the Creator Spirit.
Having vivified them in her fiction, she reverently lays the bones to rest once more, and with them, I believe, buries her own art in the soil of her tradition.