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Last week's challenge was particularly creative and difficult: Each of the remaining finalists was assigned a country, and he or she had to design and construct a piece of furniture that vivified the best of that country's cultural and design ethos.
Still taking his cue from the mystery of the Holy Trinity, Hazeldine presents viewers with his own cast of divine characters-instead of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, Godhood is now vivified by an ever-loving mother (Octavia Spencer) who 'takes' the angry accuser's tirades with equanimity and understanding.
The fact that so much courage is being vivified by a soldier who refuses to bear arms only makes the key point convincingly clear-enough, we hope, for viewers to do their best to promote and push for peace and nonviolence in their own spheres of influence and persuasion.
The short films they came up with insightfully 'represented' and vivified the issues, conflicts, dreams and ambitions of Filipino youths today.
We agreed with the jurors and viewers' choice of Grand Champion, the Power Duo dance duet, whose act stood out not just because it was so dramatic and physically difficult to pull off, but also because its performers vivified and personified the theme of passionate love that was at the core of its, ah, pulsating being.
The venue for the special celebration itself splendidly vivified Ramon's sterling success-his very own Galerie Orlina building overlooking Taal Lake and Volcano.
On the other hand, more energetic physical and in-your-face comedy was vivified in the '40s and '50s by carrot-topped Danny Kaye, who sent audience members rolling in the aisle with his gung-ho, all-out, in-your-face humor, in memorable cinematic vehicles like The Inspector General and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.
After that happens, the natural next step is to share the faith, love and joy with others-as vivified by doing what more people are doing now, becoming actual missionaries to the rest of the world.
So when they come out of my salon, they will be vivified,' Yuchengco said.
The 'concept of jewel' is a key element to comprehend my work, inherently tied to the magical and metaphysical character which a certain object acquires-be it a painting or a jewel itself-after an alchemical process in its conception where the matter is transformed into a precious entity, vivified and meaningful.
When they performed as a family at the IEC in Cebu last month, the Ponces made the strongest impression on viewers because they vivified what Eucharistic devotion and fealty should be about
It's clearly not being vivified by 20-minute-long extended reports on non-news at terminals and cemeteries-