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This wisdom for our troubled times can be found in the rich biblical imagery of God as Spirit who sustains and renews all forms of life on the planet; the corresponding belief, since the Spirit vivifies all things, in the interdependence tha t binds together all members of the biosphere in a global web of life; and the concomitant ethical ideal of working toward the healing of various biotic communities whenever they suffer ecological degradation.
She's right as rain as Belle, because she embodies and vivifies her independent and audacious spirit, daring the monstrous Beast to do his worst, by opposing it with her very best!
In these and other personalized glimpses of a society in distress, Digital Geishas vivifies the anguish of a culture of the East that seems to eerily anticipate the future of the West.
Again, that Spirit vivifies an entire people, only this time it is "all flesh" that God has in mind, explicitly obviating distinctions of sex, age, and social status (v.
It vivifies the interior experience of solitary search that Grumbach chronicles.