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Now "God" was no word in Jerry's vocabulary, despite the fact that he already possessed a definite and fairly large vocabulary.
She had protected him like a lioness when the big puarka (which, in Jerry's vocabulary, along with grunts and squeals, was the combination of sound, or word, for "pig") had tried to devour him where he was cornered under the high-piled plantation house.
Taboo," as word or sound, had no place in Jerry's vocabulary.
And these noises were as definitely words in his vocabulary as are words in a human's vocabulary.
Though reserved in its earlier vocabulary, it becomes, if I remember right, quite garrulous towards the end.
And in the South Seas garnered a better vocabulary from the lexicon of Love," Percival was quick on the uptake.
Some vocabulary," Bruce Cadogan Cavendish muttered in aside to Chauncey Delarouse.
The authors present a guide to teaching vocabulary to students in high school and middle school.
Enhancing vocabulary development through Instructional Read Alouds
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