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The effects of preventive vocal hygiene education on the vocal hygiene habits and perceptual vocal characteristics of training singers.
Male, age 20 to 30, with a vocal range from D5 to Eb3.
This is the first institutionally-based investigation to demonstrate that vocal cord cancer is undergoing a dramatic epidemiological change showing young patients are now being diagnosed who do not have a history of smoking.
If Vocal is unable to pay the fine, he will land in jail for violating the Animal Welfare Act.
If the movement of the top of the vocal folds lags behind the movement of the bottom, there will be a convergent glottis (convergent from bottom to top) for outward movement and a divergent glottis for inward movement.
Contact granulomas are benign lesions of the larynx that characteristically develop posteriorly at the vocal process of the arytenoid.
Frequency of causes of vocal cord paralysis was recorded as 15.92% (n=39) for idiopathic, 46.53% (n=114) had iatrogenic, 33.06% (n=81) had malignant neoplasm while 4.49% (n=11) had radiation.
He won the first prize, opera category, in the 7th American Protege International Vocal Competition last June.
Acute laryngitis, chronic laryngitis, contact pachydermia, habitual dysphonia, tubercular laryngitis, and vocal cord palsy showed improvement in more than 80% cases with conservative management.
Vibrating tissue that hums in tune with normal, human vocal cords has been grown in a lab for the first time.
This article will define music psychotherapy, vocal psychotherapy, outline common vocal psychotherapy techniques, and discuss a case study example given by Diane Austin.