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CORD, measures. A cord of wood must, when the wood is piled close, measure eight feet by four, and the wood must be four feet long. There are various local regulations in our principal cities as to the manner in which wood shall be measured and sold.

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Eventually, years of speaking can cause vocal cords to become damaged or stiff and thus vibrate less robustly and less regularly," says Dr.
Dysphonia is defined as voice disorders like speech impairment or difficulty (hoarseness weakness or even loss of voice) often due to a physical disorder of the vocal cord.
All the patients presenting with hoarseness of voice in ENT outpatient department CMH Quetta and Rawalpindi undergoing indirect laryngoscopy and the patients with vocal cord paralysis were selected.
Shakira said: "Though I very much hoped my vocal cords would recover in time to pick the tour back up in January, and after exploring many options to that effect, I have accepted that this is an injury that simply needs more time and care to heal.
Another common cause of hoarseness is overuse of the vocal cords due to singing, shouting or talking for long.
Upon ear, nose, and throat evaluation with direct laryngoscopy, the vocal cords were found in the paramedian position with limited movements suggesting bilateral abductor vocal cord palsy.
Adele has officially canceled her two final shows after damaging her vocal cords.
Singer Adele has cancelled the last two sell-out shows of her world tour due to take place at London's Wembley Stadium this weekend after damaging her vocal cords.
Bilateral vocal cord paralysis usually occurs as an effect of operations and reoperations of malignant thyroid gland tumors, because of the close anatomical connection [5, 6].
Severe microscopic polyangiitis with unilateral vocal cord paralysis as initial manifestation
The commonly encountered benign lesions of the larynx are vocal cord polyps, vocal nodules, tuberculosis of larynx, laryngocele, laryngeal web, epiglottic cysts, and subglottic hemangioma.
The posterior commissure of vocal cord, which lies in the interarytenoid region.