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Alterations within the lamina propria of the vocal fold often manifest as vocal fold scarring.
Assessment of vocal fold mobility before and after cardiothoracic surgery in children.
2,5,7) Glottal insufficiency, which can cause the unintentional escape of air during phonation, has been attributed to several etiologies, including vocal fold paralysis or paresis, vocal fold atrophy or bowing, and vocal fold sulcus.
Caption: On the larynx from a dog cadaver, the engineered vocal fold (left) sits next to a dog's vocal fold.
The paralyzed vocal fold is not only significantly lateralized, but a considerable vertical gap exists between the two vocal folds.
This organ contains the vocal folds, which produce and alter the pitch of sound waves.
Although there is one description of dyspnea due to a unilateral vocal fold paralysis published (Laccourreye et al.
This can be caused from incomplete closure of the vocal folds, which can occur with vocal fold paralysis or paresis.
The open-label, multicenter study included 108 patients with unilateral vocal cord paralysis or glottal incompetence with mobile vocal folds.
Vocal abuse is any behavior or occurrence that strains or injures the vocal folds (or vocal cords).
Phonation threshold pressure is lowered with parallel and slightly separated vocal fold surfaces.