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Hebrew, form of the name sor is supported by the view of Goetze (1939: 433) that an earlier long vowel was shortened in analogous unbound forms such as 'am "people," leb "heart" and kol "entire" by analogy with the short vowel in the corresponding suffixbase forms with retained PS vocalism 'amm-, libb- and kull-.
The clarity and honesty of her vocalism is exactly right for these heartfelt songs.
1 (above), three (one plus two) cannot be used to confirm or deny our thesis regarding vocalic environment because their vocalism is too uncertain.
We don't all agree on good vocal style and healthy vocalism, but we need to explore styles because of the marketplace and our natural curiosity about voice science.
but the vocalism of this perennially troublesome form is inseparable from that of the present [LANGUAGE NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] and the noun [LANGUAGE NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], 'old age'.
Listen especially for the the way in which he allows a feel of blues to enter his vocalism without compromising the flow of the line or the beauty of his essential sound.
From Bach to Mahler, Mozart to Zemlinsky, Wiens brought to her vocalism an extraordinary purity, clarity, simplicity and lightness of spirit that were unforgettable.
Here we have the secondary vocalism (*kap-el-, as it were) seen in ON hlful and Lat.
Their flexible vocalism allows them to sing a wide range of contemporary styles with truly exciting impact.
Giasone stood in successful contrast to COT's production a week earlier of an equally obscure work, Rossini's Mose in Egitto, which also had excellent vocalism but with crucial characters (Andrea Concetti's Moses, Tom Corbeil's Pharaoh) lacking in authority, as if under-rehearsed.
Like Cleaves, Mostaert, or Poppe, Ligeti endeavored to reconstruct the phonetical shape, especially the vocalism, of Middle Mongolian as it appears in the pre-classical monuments.
The idea that the retroflex initials and the division-two vocalism of the Chiehyunn derive from the presence of a retroflex (or some son of *r-like) feature is now widely accepted.