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Jager said German had provided Afghanistan with $6 million in assistance between 2010 and 2014 for the development of vocational institutes.
Contemporary forms of vocational guidance arose in the late 19th and early 20th centuries as a partner to vocational education.
In his delivered remarks, Nwaf Shamsan, manager of the British Council in Sana'a, said the award is an attempt to raise the morale of the vocational training institute graduates.
The meeting also discussed the vocational guidance for students, where the officials underlined their states' pursuit to activate the role of the vocational guidance throughout the establishment of specialized centres, in addition to the system of the vocational qualifications and examinations.
The current practice means that every additional dollar that is spent on vocational education reduces funds for programs for students attending our West Boylston Schools.
The review concludes that this growth in numbers taking vocational qualifications has been due to the significant demand from employers for qualifications designed to meet the skills needed in the economy.
Duffy, who has been pushing the expansion of vocational offerings for more than a year, said district officials did not work with him and the teachers in developing the program.
Remember that initial support for state guidance and counseling leadership came from federal Vocational Education legislation.
This indicates a change from previous practices in which career and vocational training received minimal attention, while academic and social skill building received most of the assessment attention.
Dr John Graystone, chief executive of fforwm, which represents further education centres across Wales, says there is a clear responsibility on politicians and society to promote the status of vocational training.
Narrowly focused vocational skills programs leading to non-baccalaureate degree careers are being replaced with academically rigorous programs that prepare students for both higher education and the changing workplace by including a high-degree of technology and focusing on high-demand careers.
Vocational education and training specialists from across Europe are on a study visit to Wales this week to learn more about the many new vocational developments taking place.